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Roulette Introduction

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Roulette has it origins in an ancient Chinese game however the game that we know today has its origins in 18th century France. At this time Europe was under the influence of the Age of Reason. Scientists and mathematicians believed the universe and everything in it was ordered and predictable. By the mid 19th century the modern layout of roulette (thirty-seven slots and a single zero) had been finalized by Francois and Louis Blanc.

When roulette reached America another slot (double zero) was added to the wheel, thus separating European and American roulette forever.

Roulette is a game that is ordered and precisely mathematical in its arrangements, yet the outcome is thoroughly random. Many players are unwilling to accept this and continuously look for patterns in their winning and losing. The guise of predictability and symmetry is bewildering to most. Simply put the roulette wheel is unbeatable.

The roulette wheel rotates counterclockwise. A dealer spins a marble-like ball clockwise around the wheel’s perimeter; centrifugal force keeps the ball on a grooved track as it moves. As the ball loses speed it falls into the numbered area of the wheel and eventually it will rest in one of the numbered slots. The number and the various wagers determine the winners and losers.

It may appear that the wheel’s numbers are arranged in a haphazard fashion, but it’s actually a very complex system designed for maximum variability. Red and black alternate, as do pairs of odd and even numbers and pairs of high and low numbers. Every odd number has its even successor directly across the wheel.

Not only is the wheel a marvel of design, the table is equally well designed. The numbers are arranged sequentially on the table; however the patterns of red, black, high, low, odd and even create betting options that correspond to the wheel’s variability layout. This ensures that no bet will have an advantage over any other bet.

Roulette is simply a product of genius, relentlessly systematic yet utterly unpredictable.