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Let them Ride

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Let them ride my look perplexing when you first walk up to the table, but it is not. It’s a very simple game which employs very few player decisions. It is a poker-style game, similar to Draw Poker in as much as the game uses only five cards total. It is also similar to Texas Hold-Em Poker, since two of the cards are common cards to all the players at the table (the dealer’s two cards).

In Let Them Ride the players do not play against the dealer, since the dealer’s cards are common cards to all. Therefore your action is solely against the house, based on the cards drawn and nothing else.

Let them Ride poker is played with up to 6 players on a blackjack style table. The table has six positions clearly outlined along with the payoffs for various hands. You will also find three betting circles and a bonus circle for each playing position.

To play a hand you must bet in each of the three betting areas with the same amount. If you bet $5 in the first circle you must also bet $5 in the second and the third circles. In Let Them Ride you have the option of pulling back 2 bets based on your hand and therefore you can end up only risking $5 on a marginal hand.

To begin a game of Let Them Ride you will need to place your bets. Remember that all bets need to be the same amount. Once all the bets are made the dealer will deal out three cards to each player and two cards to themselves. At this point you will know only your three cards and you will need to make a decision as to whether your hand constitutes a winner. If you have a hand that is a winner or you think it could be a winner you will want to let your bets ride.

If you feel your hand is not up to the challenge you can pull back your first bet.

After all players have stayed or pulled their first bet back the dealer will turn over their first card. When the first card is turned over you will need to again to make a decision as to whether you hand could be a winner or not. Again you will need to decide whether to let the bets ride or to pull back the second bet.

The third round starts with the dealer turning over the second and last of their cards. With this card turned over the players hands are complete and your winnings are determined.

Whether you win or lose depends entirely on which cards you are given during the deal. The hand you ultimately make out of your cards combined with the dealer’s two cards is based on standard Poker rules. In Let Them Ride there is no draw, which means you cannot ask for any more cards, or ask to have your cards replaced as you can in standard Draw Poker games. Basically you can think of Let Them Ride as basically a slot machine game played on a live-game table. You, as the player, have no control over how your hand comes out in the end. Player’s decisions are based solely on the possible winning hand(s) that could be completed. The payoff chart is as follows:


Royal Flush


1,000 to 1

Straight Flush


200 to 1

Four of a kind


50 to 1

Full House


11 to 1



8 to 1



5 to 1

Three of a kind


3 to 1

Two Pair


2 to 1

Pair of 10’s or better


1 to 1